Various questions you may ask us about our network. The rules are also included in this page. Last updated on 10th September 2017 by Scarlet_.

How do I connect using an IRC client?

If you want to connect using an IRC client (some good ones for various OSes are listed below), connect to irc.42net.org on port 6667 (or check the server list. You should consider joining the #42Net channel as that seems to be where a lot of things happen.

What clients can you recommend to me?

I can recommend HexChat (Windows/Linux), XChat Azure (MacOS), AndChat (Android), and Mutter (iOS). If you're looking for a Windows 10 UWP application that can connect to IRC, check out xoChat.

What are the rules on 42Net?

The only rules, according to Tachyon's words on #ScarletRealm on 10th September, are:
<9/10 13:06:19 Tachyon> yeah, the only real rules are that I will not tolerate bullying of any form anywhere on the laptop
<9/10 13:06:29 Tachyon> basically, if you can't treat everyone as equal, leave sort of thing
<9/10 13:06:36 Tachyon> er, anywhere on the network
<9/10 13:07:03 Tachyon> so no discrimination on neurotype, age, or anyone else, we're all online on a medium that belongs to everyone.